Polypropylene bag classification

  • Polypropylene bag classification

Polypropylene bags are considered containers responsible for transportation, storage of food (cereals, flour, salt, sugar), non-food (chemical fertilizers, additives, reagents), construction products (sand, dry mixes, expanded clay).

Capacity (carrying capacity), raw materials for production, purpose - the main criteria for dividing bags of polypropylene into groups.

Depending on the raw materials used, the bags are:

1. Gray - made from recycled materials. Scope of application - safety, transportation of fertilizers, chemicals, building materials. Gray bags are made from recycled materials.

2. Green - made from recycled materials and intended for the disposal of construction debris.

3. White - made from primary raw materials, so they are indispensable for storage, transportation of bulk foods.

Depending on the capacity of polypropylene bags are from 5, 10, 25, 50, 70 kg. Polypropylene bags of 50 kg are the most popular due to their high demand and low prices.

Depending on the destination bags are technical and food. Bags for flour are characterized by ease, lined and taped bottom. The cost of this group of goods will be low. Sugar bags are different from others by the presence of a polyethylene liner that protects the sweet product from moisture. Double protection is the main feature of such bags.

Characteristics of polypropylene bags

The production of bags made of polypropylene is a promising direction, which pays for itself a year and a half after the investment, subject to intensive work.

The main advantages of polypropylene bags are:

- Durability.

- Low weight.

- Environmental friendliness.

- Resistance to temperature fluctuations, ruptures, influence of moisture and precipitation, couples.

- Preservation of the original properties when interacting with alkali, water, solvents and acids.

- Small price.

- Water resistant.

Due to these properties, polypropylene bag manufacturers focus on the interests of such customers:

Construction organizations.

Municipal services and private firms that specialize in cleaning streets, offices, apartments.

Agricultural farms.

Grocery stores.

Thus, the combination of quality and low prices are important criteria for the selection of polypropylene bags.