About Us

Our company supplies packaging products in Ukraine under long-term contracts to dozens of large industrial enterprises operating in different areas with bulk cargo.

- Cement industry

- Sugar production

- Flour industry

As well as packaging and packaging of mineral fertilizers.

 Employees of our company for more than 10 years working in the market of polypropylene containers and have established themselves as stable, reliable and highly qualified specialists.

         The trends in the bulk materials market show that the best solution for packing, transporting and storing the products produced are polypropylene bags, which are characterized by increased strength, resistance to decay, bending, cold resistance and easy handling.

         You can order and buy high quality polypropylene bags from us, purchase a bag sewing thread, and also order bags with printing your logo directly from the manufacturer.

         Terms of payment and delivery can be clarified by the numbers listed on the site, or go to the tab "Shipping and Payment" for detailed information.